Microchip Cat Flaps Compared

Microchip Cat Flap ComparisonIt can be difficult to cut through the marketing fog to allow you to compare microchip cat flaps. We’ve done the work for you in the comparison table below. The table lays out the key facts of each microchip cat flap side-by-side to assist you in making your decision.

Model Our Rating Power Supply Inner Dimensions Number of Cats Microchip Type Warranty Cost
Sureflap 4.7 4 AA batteries 142mm(w) x 120(h) 32 9 10 & 15-digit 3 years Latest Price
Cat Mate 4.4 4 AA batteries 144mm(w) x 150(h) 30 9 10 & 15-digit 3 years Latest Price
Ferplast 4.0 6 AA batteries 135mm(w) x 137mm(h) 32 15-digit (most chips) 1 year Latest Price
PetSafe PetPorte 3.7 Mains (battery back-up) 150mm(w) 25 15-digit (most chips) 3 years Latest Price
SureFlap Pet Door 5.0 4 C-cell batteries 178mm(w) x 170mm(h) 32 9 10 & 15-digit 3 years Latest Price

Besides the above key facts there are other harder to define criteria to consider that can’t be neatly described within a column in this table. For example, the reliability of the microchip reader, additional useful functions and how easy it is to fit. To get a real flavour for each model you’ll need to read our individual reviews. To access a review just click on the model name in the table. Happy shopping!